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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for maximizing fm...

In a message dated 08/17/2000 12:53:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mike@altphoneco.com writes:

<< Many newcomers to the satellite ranks do not have 10 meter privileges.  
 RS birds use a 2 meter up/10 meter down transponder.  Most of your other 
 comments apply to this mode (A) also.
 Mode A (2 meter up/10 meter down) makes a very nice mode for newcomers and 
 others wishing to utilize existing equipment and antennas to work the 
 birds.  Doppler shift on either band is not severe.  Using standard 
 conventions, it is easy to tune the 2 meter uplink to keep your QSO in the 
 same relative portion of the transponder.
 73, Mike >>

Additionally, 2 meters up reduces terrestrial interference from "innocent" 
operators not aware of the sat uplink frequencies or from "skip" type 
operations not under the footprint...

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