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Re: Feed line help

RG-6 has almost the same loss characteristics as RG-8X and is almost the same 
size physically, except it is 75 Ohms (not very convenient for easily 
matching most amateur rigs and antennas).  You would be better off with RG-8X.

Home Depot sells it (quad shield) in 500' reels around here for $56, or about 
$0.11/ft.  I used it to wire the cable systems in my house.  For my money, I 
would recommend RG-8X (about $0.17/ft) only for 2 m and only for runs under 
25 feet.  For longer 2 m runs, RG-8  (about $0.25/ft) is a better choice and 
for 70 cm and above I would not recommend anything less than 9913F or equal 
(about $0.53/ft).  

Here's an outfit I have dealt with several times and got good products and 
Jerry, K5OE

In a message dated 8/17/2000 12:43:25 AM Central Daylight Time, 
srbarker@chgw.com writes:

> I met a TV mini-dish installer today, and after asking him what kind of feed
>  line they use and describing what I wanted to use it for (turned in to a
>  long description of amateur satellite operation), he offered to sell me as
>  much as I want.
>  I'm not very well versed in feed lines, so maybe I can get some advice on 
>  this will work well to feed 2m, 70cm, and maybe higher freq. satellite
>  antennas?
>  It's RG-6, with a braided center conductor and foam core.  I didn't get 
>  great a look at it, but he called it "Flooded" cable (an explanation of 
>  that means would be nice too).
>  I can buy it from him at $0.15/ft, which seems cheap, but I don't know if 
>  will work well, what the loss is like, or what the heck "Flooded" cable
>  is...
>  Any help?
>  Samuel, W7YYY
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