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RE: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for,maximizing fm le o contacts)

I was opening the discussion to suggest alternatives to a multitude of birds
using 2m FM, as the 2m satellite segment is rather narrow.  I wouldn't want
to see the 2m satellite band so overcrowded that every time you key up on
2m, you QRM a handful of birds, as well as accessing the one you want
(regardless of what mode is used).  FM's wider bandwidth is a problem on 2m,
because of this.

Would rather see 10/70 for such an experiment, as the satellite band on 70cm
is 3 MHz wide.

> What about the folks that don't have a 2M SSB rig on their 
> mobile units? It
> would be slick to have 10M SSB up and 2M FM down. Overall 
> though, I think
> that type of design has great possibilities :)
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