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RE: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for maximizing fm le o contacts)

> Many newcomers to the satellite ranks do not have 10 meter 
> privileges.  The 
> RS birds use a 2 meter up/10 meter down transponder.  Most of 
> your other 
> comments apply to this mode (A) also.

Good point.  Mode A does suit more classes of licence on this side of the
Pacific as well, and with a highish powered transponder, can be easily
received on my little Dragon 10m HT, provided there is sufficient uplink
power (i.e. utilising one's full share of transponder power).

> Mode A (2 meter up/10 meter down) makes a very nice mode for 
> newcomers and 
> others wishing to utilize existing equipment and antennas to work the 
> birds.  Doppler shift on either band is not severe.  Using standard 
> conventions, it is easy to tune the 2 meter uplink to keep 
> your QSO in the 
> same relative portion of the transponder.

Agreed.  I have, and do run, when RS-13 is passing by at favourable times to
my west, Mode A, and it's relatively easy to compensate for Doppler, even
when using an SSB box which doesn't allow me to change frequency while

My biggest problem with Mode A is trying to find another station on the
bird. :-(  The only two reliable ways to get a QSO are:

1.  Use FM (higher probability of someone else there)
2.  Make a sked with another op.

I have only had one random response on RS-13, and that was just when I lost
the downlink of the bird. :-(  I have also only had one response on FO-29,
despite having a good satellite station setup at a hamfest (FT-847 and Yagis
with Az/EL rotation).

I might have to do another bit of publicity among the hams here to get some
skeds up on RS-13. :) 
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