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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal formaximizing fm le o contacts)

> We both agree that the net doppler change at any one station is the same,
> but...

Actually, I think we are both right, it doesnt matter as long as people
follow the convention.  

I was thinking of newcomers taking the more natural approach and
tuning their RECEIVER to match a QSO.   Then Mode A has the worse problem
with sliding QSO's and this is solved by a factor of 5 by having the
uplink on 10m as I was proposing for a newcomers satellite.

>From what I see here on the BB, I had gathered that educating newcomers to
the proper Doppler convention was a never ending task... So minimizing it
through mode design would be an advantage for newcomers.

Nice topic.  Thanks.

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