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Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposalfor,maximizing fm le o contacts)

On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, Frederick M. Spinner wrote:

> I would hope in the next five or so years, with the advent of DSP IFs 
> and filters, and DDS referenced synths, that it will not cost anymore
> to build an all mode VHF/UHF rig than an FM one.
> So I think that someday when the Japanese manufacturers realize this you'll 
> find SSB rigs could be (depending on "marketing") as cheap as FM rigs.

Ah, but its a moving target.  Quality FM UHF radios now cost less than
$30.  (FRS radios for example)...  All-mode will always cost more.  and
MUCH more, since only HAMS use them, not the 100 million VHF and UHF FM
radios curently in production... used by everyone else...


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