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FT 736R CAT control.

	Hello out there, first I must say that I have seen the ISS go over
up here in the north, twice now I tracked it with my antenna's, the first time
I realised I had to make some adjustments to my setup for accuracy, the
2nd time it tracked within a couple of degrees, it's a very bright object and
it promises to be even brighter in the future.

	Now for the problem, I am using the G3RUH simple CAT control for
the 736, at first it worked fine, in as much as, when I (in STATION) took off
the CAT control, the 736 would go back to normal, ie out of cat control,
now it
doesn't, it goes in fine but will not let go, I have to switch the 736 off
then on
again to get back to normal.

	Anyone have a similar problem? what should I check? I hate like hell
to purchase the regular, for regular can you say expensive? cat control

Thank you.

Peter VE7AHX.
73 Peter VE7AHX.
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