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Re: Re: Thoughts on future "FM birds" (was: proposal for maximizing fm le o contacts)

Jon Ogden <na9d@mindspring.com> wrote:

>I'd rather get more SSB birds up there than FM birds as
>they are so much more useful and useable by people. FM
>birds have too many limitations.

Thank you thank you thank you.

In the past, whenever the notion of an FM satellite came up,
it would be immediately dismissed as A Bad Idea. Why it
was a bad idea seemed to be well understood. Until now.

Now? We have UO-14 et al. They perform exactly as predicted.
Poorly. No amount of hype can change that. So why are so
many people wasting time and resources building more?
And why is UO-14 being so strongly hyped in the ham press?

Yes, we need satellites and yes, we need hams using them.
But FM satellites - which just don't work - aren't the answer.
If you want the proverbial "taste of satellite communication",
place a call (via Inmarsat) to the general store on Pitcairn
Island. It's cheaper...

Yet again, I seem to be missing some fundamental point.

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