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Re: proposal for maximizing fm leo contacts

Rag chewing is a pass-time as old amateur radio.  Are you saying what you
want to do is "more important" than what some other operators want to do,
because their goals are different than yours?  To many people the idea of
chasing grid squares is silly.  Maybe grid square chasers should be asked to
chase grid squares "on a different bird".

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> How many times in a day do two people need to say,
> "Hi Joe.  How you doing."
> "Fine Jim.  Just fine.  How's the gout?"
> Seriously, there are some people that say hi to the same folks nearly
> pass.    They should really be asked to rag chew on a different bird.
> Perhaps we need more than a single channel FM bird if people really want
> limit their satellite contacts to FM.

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