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Re: EM52/EM53

On Wednesday, 16 August 2000, Joel Black wrote:

> when I announce a date,
> I'll ask for people to respond to me via e-mail.  I'll compile a list from
> that e-mail and *try* to work everyone who responded.  This takes away from
> having a "pilot" station, but I can't see how this con

Hello Joel.  We very much appreciate your plan to put this grid pair on
the air.  I much need EM53 so I'm looking forward to it.  The only
question I would have with regard to your email list is fairness.  I'm
sure there are many who work the sats who have no email capability. 
They could be on the air on that date with good copy on the bird but not
be allowed to work you simply because they didn't have email and
therefore wasn't able to get on your list.  Would that really be fair to
them?  Just a thought.

In this day & time, we have a tendency to think just about everyone who
is a licensed amateur has email capability.  That's just isn't the

> Going one step further than Bruce, KK5DO,

I basically like proposal that Bruce has put forth but it too has a
flaw.  We all know there are times during a pass when we temporarily
lose the bird or it takes a fade.  If I'm on the list, it may be
sometime before it's my turn to make a contact.  When it is my turn, I
may very well be experiencing one of those difficult times when copy
becomes difficult or impossible.  Bruce's proposal goes on the
assumption that I'm going to have perfect copy on the bird during the
entire pass and therefore can respond when it comes around to my turn. 
I personally choose times during a pass when I'm seeing decent signal
strength on the downlink before I make any calls.  My success in making
contacts is determined by my location, parameters of that particular
pass, and the timing of my calls ... not by a list.

You asked for comments and those are a couple that I had.  As always,

73 //Garie *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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