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Re: Has anybody heard AO-10 lately ?

At 07:35 PM 2000-08-16 -0400, K5OE@aol.com wrote:

>Admittedly anecdotal, I still consider this a good argument for believing the
>omni antenna are in use on both the uplink and downlink.  If the high-gain
>antennas were in use, I suspect the narrow beamwidth would leave me out of
>the RF path (either at unfavorable elevations or when the bird wobbled away
>from me) even though I was still in the satellite's "shadow."

You could still easily get a good signal from the high-gain antennas at 
perigee even if the antenna isn't pointed directly at you.  The output 
power is high relative to the LEO's and the beam width is not that narrow.

The strongest arguments, which in my mind  are overwhelming, for why the 
high gains are currently active on AO-10 are as follows:

1. The downlink from AO-10 is strongly circularly polarized.  The omni's 
aren't circularly polarized and the high-gains are.

2. Occasionally, when the geometry is just right, very strong signals can 
be heard out near apogee.  I wouldn't expect this from the omni's.

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