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Re: RF trips power supply

It can also be a weak or poorly connected power transitor on the heat sink,
causing the crowbar to activate when you draw a little current. Stick a
storage type vom on the power supply outputs and see if the voltage goes up
when you apply a load. 

>At 08:18 2000-08-16 -0500, Cordill,Jim wrote:
>>I know this is off topic, but I thought I would try here first.  I have an
>>Astron RS-12A power supply that
>>I use to power my satellite rig that has a problem, any time I key my HF rig
>>the power supply will
>>shut down.  It seems to do it on all HF bands, and even on low power.  My
>>other Astron power supplies
>>work fine.  Could it just be this model, or has an RF bypass cap failed
>>somewhere.  The HF rig is powered
>>from an Astron RS-35M and sets about 3 ft from the 12a on a shelf about 1.5
>>ft below the rigs which sit
>>side by side on the table above.
>>73 Jim KI0BK

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