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I know that EM53 is an infrequently (don't know about rare) worked grid.  As
soon as my D7A comes back from Kenwood, I am planning on working EM52 and
EM53 simultaneously.  Going one step further than Bruce, KK5DO, (and he can
tell me if this makes for a valid contact or not) when I announce a date,
I'll ask for people to respond to me via e-mail.  I'll compile a list from
that e-mail and *try* to work everyone who responded.  This takes away from
having a "pilot" station, but I can't see how this constitutes anything more
than a sked.  If I put your name on the list and I work you, I'll check you
off, if I don't work you, you don't get a check.

Like I said, this is dependent on the arrival of my D7A from Kenwood and the
imminent birth of my third daughter.  Let me know what you think, and,
Bruce, your opinions on the pre-arranged list would be appreciated.

Tnx es 73,
Joel, K2SAT

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