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Re: Has anybody heard AO-10 lately ?

At 05:18 PM 8/15/00 -0500, Jeff Grey wrote:
>Has anybody heard AO-10 ?  I have tried to hear AO-10's beacon & downlink
>traffic, but to no success. Either

Yes.  In my experience it comes and goes with a several minute 
period.  Seems to be very weak near apogee.  I suspect that antennas are 
pointed away from earth at that time.  I presume that the several minute 
fading period involves some rotation of the spacecraft, in other words the 
antennas pointed close enough to earth to pick up the signal for a few 
minutes and then pointed farther away, or perhaps pointing a null toward 
earth for a few minutes.  Sorry for the long-winded explanation.  If you 
are listening near apogee, I suggest listening for at least 10 minutes 
before giving up, because you might start listening in the middle of one of 
those fades.

Others have reported strong signals near perigee, but I haven't tried that 

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