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>    I think the main thing to remember is that you don't need 
> a lot of power
> on the uplink to hit the bird and get through.   I think 
> there is a problem
> today in that instead of timing our transmissions and getting 
> in that way
> many operators are putting more power to the bird which just 
> slams everyone

Which only makes the whole thing degenerate into a rabble... :-( Regardless
of power, if everyone listened befote hitting the PTT, FM ops could be a
whole lot smoother under heavy conditions.  A few seconds pause every now
and then gives the QRPers a go.

> else especially those working QRP with an HT.   I have 
> personally worked
> stations from Hawaii to the Bahamas and from Alaska to 
> southern Mexico with
> just an HT and 5 watts or less.
>     If someone wants to have a preamp on their downlink 
> that's fine -- go
> for it --  but PLEASE keep your transmitter power down so you 
> don't trounce
> on the many of us working the birds with less power.

If someone wants to try a preamp, go for it.  At best, it can be an assett
which lifts the performance of a deaf receiver, or  for overcoming the
effects of long, lossy feedlines.  At worst, it may do nothing but make the
S meter move a little more to the right (especially for portable stations
with short/no coax runs), or increase the amount of intermods and other
rubbish you receive.

Try it and see. :-)
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