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Hi Pat.

OK, here's how it goes...

Attach the center of a 2m horizontal fiberglass crossboom to your Az/El

Take two Arrows, clamp at the ends of the 2m length of horizontal fiberglass
crossboom. The two antennas should be pointing in the same direction but at
90 degrees to each other, one at -45 degrees and the ather at +45 degrees
from the crossboom. The clamping is behind the reflector to try to stop the
clamp and coax messing up the radiation pattern too much.

Run four sufficient equal lengths of coax from the antennas across the
crossboom, dressing them over the rotator with enough slack in the usual
manner. I used heat shrink and blu-tak to perform some weather protection
over the BNC antenna feedpoints.

Plug the coax into your polarization switcher and power splitter (a faily
complicated affair that I use is described on
http://www.btinternet.com/~hlong/remotepolarization.htm), maybe a filter or
two (such as the DCI units for 2m & 70cm... the 2m stops mode J desense &
local pagers, and the 70cm one stops my local trunk radio) and then some T/R
switched preamps.

Attach all the switcher/splitter/filter/preamp junk into a trash can and
turn upside down so the weather won't hurt.

Run the cables to your shack and start operating.

I did try combining the 2m elements onto one antenna boom and the 70cm
elements onto the other, but I never could get the darned things to tune.

Check out my sire http://www.btinternet.com/~hlong for some rather dark and
grainy pics over the next hour or so.

73 Howard G6LVB

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> Please share with me all the info on how you did the phasing of two Arrow
> antennas.
> > You're right that the Arrow is primarily designed to be a portable
> antenna.
> > That's not stopped me phasing 2 at 90 degrees up on my roof for a
> permanent
> > installation though! Works an absolute treat. And they don't look much
> > different to a normal VHF band II receiving antenna/band IV UHF TV
> antenna.
> >
> > 73 Howard G6LVB
> >

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