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Re: fix hour zone IT xe2yvw ?

In a message dated 8/14/00 4:59:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
xe2yvw70@hotmail.com writes:

> I need to write the correct zone hour in the IT program and I 
>  dont have the .DOC file, somebodie can send the file to my email adress or 
>  can tell me how I can put the + 6 hour zone ?

Hi Al,

>From the IT doc file:

  Setting Your Time zone...
You tell InstantTrack the name of the local time zone by setting a DOS 
environment variable called "TZ". (short for Time zone)  You should put the
command to set it in your autoexec.bat file, so that you never forget.
You must set TZ to your time zone by executing a DOS command like this...


The first three letters (PST in this case) are the name of a time zone, 
followed by an optionally signed number indicating the number of hours 
difference between UTC and your time zone, followed by an optional three 
name of a daylight-savings-time time zone.  If you live in an area where 
daylight-savings-time is not used, you should leave off the last three 

Other examples..  SET TZ=EST5EDT  or SET TZ=MST7MDT, etc.

If you don't set TZ at all, it defaults to PST.

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