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Re: Hard keying a amp with Kenwood TS-711A

At 11:52 AM 8/14/2000 -0700, David Rice wrote:
>I have a Kenwood TS-711A and a TE Systems 1410G amplifier. I want to
>"hard key" the amp with the radio. The radio has two DIN connectors. 
>There is a 13 pin DIN and a 5 pin DIN. The 13 pin looks like it is
>for hooking up a TNC. The other one is not documented in the users
>manual. All it says is that it is for some kind of RTTY decoder.

There is no 5-pin DIN on my TS-711A.

The 6-pin DIN connector at ACC1 is added as part of the IF-10A computer interface kit. With that kit, its pins are assigned for RX and TX data, RX and TX handshaking, and ground. There's nothing there that would help you hard-key an amp.

If you have the IF-10A installed, the internal wires from the 5-pin DIN connector go to a little circuit board that mounts on J6 and J7 of the control unit circuit board, which is the large board just under the top cover of the rig. There should also be an EPROM plugged into a socket on the control unit.

It is possible, I guess, that some other accessory could also use the ACC1 jack, though I have never heard of any such. Perhaps the CD-10 callsign display? I don't know.

According to the schematic in the service manual, all three connectors that have STBY (i.e., push-to-talk) on them are in parallel. Mic connector, the 13-pin DIN at ACC2, and the STBY phone jack on the rear. You could use the signal on any one of those connectors to hard-key an amp. You'd definitely want to add some isolation circuitry to keep the amp's control voltage out of the rig.

73  -Paul

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