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Manuals for Paccomm Sprint 2

Hi all,

This message is really only applicable to those of you here in 
Australia - apologies to everyone else.

I recently acquired a PacComm Sprint 2 TNC to get onto the digital 
birds.  However, when I finally came to get it all put together, I 
realised that I didnt have the proper technical manual - all I have is 
the generic "Command Reference" which is the same for all the PacComm 

I was wondering if there are any amateurs around here (Sydney, NSW) 
who have a Sprint 2, and wouldnt mind lending me their copy of the 
technical manual so I can take some copies - will pay return postage 

BTW - Thanks to all who replied to my enquiry about mounting crossed 
Yagis - I think I'll just go for the "+" configuration as it will be 
easier to mount - I'm using a non-conduction mounting boom so it 
shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Thanks in advance

73 de James VK2UJF
Sydney, Australia

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