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> Could it be that the stations that are not hearing the FM birds are not
> listening on full duplex?  I know that my 'D7A *will* work full-dup, but
> Icom IC-Z1A doesn't (at least I never found a way to do it).

No, I doubt it.  They have probably fallen into the myth propagated by many
in the satellite community that working the FM birds is as easy as working
your local repeater.  So they think that they should be able to hear the
birds fine with a rubber duck.  I doubt they are using an Arrow antenna let
alone even know what one is!  These are the people that think they know how
to do everything themselves.  I agree, if you can't hear the birds with an
Arrow, your RX is junk.  But I doubt that's the problem.  People just don't
know how to operate the birds, they don't know how to listen or where to
listen, all they know to do is talk, talk, talk.  Our FM repeater culture
has produced this.  Make it seem "easy" for them to get on the birds and we
have duplicatd that culture in space, except it doesn't work.  You don't
need full duplex to listen on one frequency and transmit on another.  And if
you follow what people say to do you won't have a problem:

1.) CALL a specific station and don't just throw your call out there.
2.) If you don't hear the station come back, don't just keep calling and
calling.  Give it 15 to 30 seconds or so and try again.  Let another few
people make a QSO then try again.  If you get in an he hears you, he'll call
3.) Be patient and stop wanting instant gratification.  I know, in our
society that's difficult.  And it's especially true because with limited
time during a pass, you want to work as many grids as possible.  So you call
and call and call and call meanwhile hosing the system up for everyone else.
Just be patient.  It could be that the guy you called heard you, but someone
stepped on him when he went to call you back.
4.) If you can't hear the bird, DO NOT TRANSMIT.  There is plenty of traffic
on the FM birds so if you can't hear any traffic during a pass, something is
VERY wrong with your setup.
5.) Listen, listen, listen



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