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Re: UO-14 Passes

At 09:17 AM 8/14/00 +1000, Norm McMillan wrote:

> >Anyway, with all the new pieces in place...  Egg Beater for Antenna, KLM
> >KP-2 Mast mounted preamp offering 10db and the 471, I still wasn't able to
> >hear any of the UO-14 passes today.

>This all sounds very familliar!!

My experience has been that when working the LEOs, a gain antenna is better 
than an OMNI; a steerable antenna is better than a fixed polarity model.

The reason the ARROW antenna users have such good luck is they develop a 
technique where they twist the antenna to match the downlink polarity of 
the satellite, which can change during a pass.

I have tried eggbeater antennas for satellite operation,  and unless it 
happens to be a high elevation pass, the results are not satisfying.  Jerry 
Brown, K5OE studied the engineering of these antennas and has come up with 
a steerable version he calls the TPM.  He tilts the antenna so more of the 
pass is detected by the major lobe of the antenna.

At the horizon, the eggbeater does not exhibit any of the circularity it 
shows on more overhead passes.  A spinning satellite on your horizon only 
has horizontal polarization part of the time; hence your deafness.

I believe you will find a gain rubber ducky (not the stock stubby) on a 
handheld, waved about to find the right orientation will beat the egg 
whites out of the egg beater.  I can hear UO-14 on any of several handheld 
devices, with a gain vertical, in the middle of my wood framed ranch home.

Just a few thoughts from one who's been there.

73, Mike - KF4FDJ

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