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UO-14 Passes

I finally came to the conconclusion that my radio is deaf.  (It's an older 
Icom IC-471A)  I decided to order a pre-amp and put it up this 
afternoon.  I didn't change it from the Low to the High Setting as it 
warned about this in the manual (Might cause lots of intermod and possibly 
hurt the front end of the radio)

Anyway, with all the new pieces in place...  Egg Beater for Antenna, KLM 
KP-2 Mast mounted preamp offering 10db and the 471, I still wasn't able to 
hear any of the UO-14 passes today.

The question is, will bumping that up to 20db really run the possibility of 
harming my radio?  Or does anyone think that it's a good idea?

I'm at my wits end here... Ready to chuck the whole rig.  Maybe go buy a 
847 (Though that's going to take some time to acquire the funds)


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