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footprint stretching

Hello all
I did not get a lot of interest from my last posting.  So I'll go a bit
further out on the limb.  For those of us who like to try maximize the
full extent of the footprint, I suggest the following.
If you are less than 10 degrees of aos/los, I suggest we congregate at 
10 khz below the top of the passband.  In the case of FO20. the downlink
is 435.800-435.900, then the unofficial dx frequency would be 435.890+/-
a couple of khz.  This of course would not include AO-10 and the FM
birds.  This is an interest of mine and perhaps there are a few others
out there who would like to engage in this activity.  The last few
degrees seems to go pretty fast when looking for a qso.  This method
could help stretch the footprint, just a bit.  Your comments/suggestions.
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