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lots of new sat operators

there are a lot of new satellite operators on the leos now. this is great. i 
would like to make one recommendation for those that are going out 
travelling. give us a new grid square, even better, give us two of them at 
once. someone earlier this week did exactly that...two grids at once.

why sit in AA01 and then say the next pass, you will be in AA02. if you work 
10 people on that pass, then the next pass you have to work the same 10 
people. however, if you were sitting right on the grid intersection, you can 
give both grids at once.

is this legal? sure it is, even if you were on a quad grid intersection. here are 
the rules for it from the arrl....

Stations who claim to operate from more than one grid locator 
simultaneously (such as from the intersection of 4 grid locators) must be 
physically present in more than one locator to give multiple locator credit 
with a single contact. This requires the operator to know precisely where the 
intersection lines are located and placing the station exactly on the boundary 
to meet this test. To achieve this precision work requires either current 
markers permanently in place, or the precision work of a professional 
surveyor. Operators of such stations should be prepared to provide some 
evidence of meeting this test if called upon to do so. Multiple QSL cards are 
not required. GPS readings are acceptable. 

so, what should you do? write down the lat/long of the spot you are sitting 
and you will have your proof if ever asked and you can issue one qsl card for 
both grids.


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