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Moon as an alignment reference//compass

Don't forget to include the magnetic variation for your area when 
trying to align using a compass.... here in Illinois we are lucky
to be near the AGONIC line. My QTH is located on the 1 Degree
West ISOGONIC Line; I suspect that the "error" here is more than
the deviation related to nearby metal objects...IMHO
The variation can be determined from the "sectional" aviation
chart for your area.

The magnetic variation ranges from 20 degrees west (+20 degrees) in 
upper Maine to 20 degrees East (-20 degrees) in Oregon and is caused
by the geographical displacement between True North and Magnetic North.

Also, without recent calibration any instrument, such as a compass, is

I have used the moon and the sun (which work great as a signal sources
to see the real peak of larger arrays) with great success. For polar
mounts use Polaris :+}

                                                   -Kermit Carlson

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