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Help With Emotator Rotator


I was donated an Emoto rotator (Model 502CCX) with a tower I purchased sec
hand. The gentleman who owned it all did a fantastic job of renovating it
apart from one small problem. Turning the rotator is fine and it goes the
right way according to the direction switch on the control box. The problem
is that in one direction the end stop works fine, in the other it just keeps
going round for ever! Taking the rotor apart it appears the end stop is
controlled by two microswitches. Shutting the microswitch in one direction
stops the rotor fine - the other way is just keeps going even with the
switch closed. The microswitch is OK by the use of an ohm meter. I am sure
he has done some wiring renewal and he said he thought he had the stop set
up incorrect (he was right).

I would hate to have to scrap it because the wiring is wrong.

Can anyone help with a circuit diagram of an Emoto rotator or have one with
the wiring intact available to confirm the wiring??

Surely someone must have the info!

Waiting in anticpation


Simon GM4PLM

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