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RE: Moon as an alignment reference

Well, it this is all true,  I failed.... I figured, I found the trick on
alignment with a compass... Get one with a mirror and a line on the mirror
and point the antennas at a certain heading, set the compass, flipdown the
mirror, align the line with the boom and read the heading.....Well, I was 4
degrees off!!! I guess not bad, but using the moon, if I adjust 4 degrees
clockwise I find the moon everytime.

Thanks, didn't know if refraction would effect this effort.  It's pretty
easy to align the moon with the boom.  Point, walk back and check.  You'll
be surprised at how much 1 degree is!


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At 07:42 PM 8/10/00 -0400, Alan K. Adamson wrote:
>Can you use the moon as an alignment reference?  I've notice that what
>appears to be correct on a compass is about 4 degrees short when pointing
>the moon.  I'm only checking Azimuth, but will it work for both Az and El?

Absolutely!  Highly recommended.  Sun and moon both make excellent antenna
alignment references.  (Same can be said about many thousands of other
celestial bodies, but the typical person can only identify the two big ones

An accurate bearing is very difficult to get from a compass.  Most people
fail this test.  They are sensitive to too much stuff in our everyday
environment when you are near your home.  Iron gas pipes in your walls,
your antenna tower, your car, etc etc.

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