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Re: Television coverage of Phase 3D launch.

T5z4@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 8/8/00 10:53:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, john@newnorth.ca
> writes:
> << Who can think up some good reasons for NASA as to why they should carry
> the launch feed on NASA-TV?
>  73
>  John - VE8EV >>
> Well, that would be nice but unfortunately I don't think it can happen that
> way.   But
> again, bottom line, what we need are the settings for TVRO downlink of ESA's
> Ariane launch coverage.  So, if anyone knows the details, please pass it on to
> us here on the BB in time for launch coverage of Phase 3D. Hopefully that way
> those interested can set up their own downlink arrangements.  Or, as I do,
> pass these
> details on to the local cable system for airing within the community.
> 73, Steve
> K5PK

Not that I expect it will be much help but ESA TV broadcasts on Eutelsat
II F4 at 10 degrees East
11.135 H MPEG2 Sym 5632 FEC 3/4

They have a web site at http://television.esa.int

A list of satellites and their transponders can be found at

Hope thats some help.

Steve Daniels
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