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Re: Beginner to Satellites


Firstly, welcome! Sats are a great way to work DX with minimal equipment and
a no-code licence. All those hams relying on Auroras and other exotic
propagation modes don't know what they're missing.

Secondly, remember that everyone on the reflector started somewhere!

Sorry to start by throwing it back to you, but I have two questions to help
us answer your quandry:

o    What's your budget?

o    What equipment do you already have?

In the meantime...

As Tony said, if you want an all singing all dancing 'silver spoon'
approach, there's nothing out there new right now to touch the FT-847.
Kenwood are bringing out a radio in the next few months as a direct
competitor. Lots of $$$, and lots of learning on how to drive the radio
before you even get a sat contact! The '847 was my solution, and I don't
regret it, but it's not cheap, or very portable.

IMHO, to get started on the FM 'easy sats' (UO14, AO27, SO35) and for a
reasonably cheap startup from scratch, a dual band dual receive HT with a 5W
battery pack and an Arrow antenna is a great start. Get some predictions
from some satellite prediction software and you're ready to go KK9UQQ

It's _possible_ to work satellites on a 2" rubber duck and 2W, but you have
to be either very lucky or experienced already. It's a bit of a fight out

The HT must be able to receive in the 70cm satellite band (435-437MHz). In
Europe it's not to tough to get radios which do this, but you may well have
to mod a US radio to get this coverage. Check this before you buy! I just
noticed on the reflector that Mike KA7HBB uses an ADI AT-600 which works out
of the box. I personally use a Kenwood DH-D7E MkII.

Some other suggestions:

o Have a hands-free microphone to let you point the antenna in the right
direction without getting into knots.

o Use a voice recorder to help you log all those contacts!

o Find someone local who'll help to get you going.

o If you haven't already, check out
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/intro/faqs.html where there's a great set of
notes 'Working the Easy Sats'.

Depending on your existing equipment and budget, we could go on for hours...
let me know.

All the best & tell us how you get on!

Howard G6LVB

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> Hello all,
> I am new to satellites so excuse my ignorance. I was just wondering what
> is the best antenna and dual band 2/440 rig for a beginner. If anybody
> has any suggestions please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Zach, KB9UQQ
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