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Survey: Duplex Handheld Radios - Please read and reply to n5em@amsat.org

Hi!  The following request for information is from Ed Manuel N5EM - one of
our AMSAT Area Coordinators in Houston.  Please PLEASE REPLY ONLY TO
n5em@amsat.org .
Thanks!  Andy W5ACM

>From: "Ed Manuel (N5EM)" <n5em@flash.net>
>Subject: Survey:  Duplex Handheld Radios
>I'm rather disappointed in the reduction of features of some of the new 
>multiband radios.  Also, I find that no one is really talking about the 
>reduction of capabilities of these radios.  So, please give me your 
>experience with your radio so that a proper list can be compiled.
>Please respond directly to me with your input on you experience with 
>handheld radios for 2m and 70cm that fit one of these catagories.  The 
>goal is to let all prospective buyers to know in advance which radios are 
>really suitable for AO27/UO14 type of operation and which ones are 
>not.  Please list your radio in the appropriate category and a summary 
>will be posted later.
>Full Duplex Handhelds (can transmit on one band and listen on another 
>   This category can operate AO27 and hear your signal coming back to you 
> while transmitting.
>ex. Yaesu FT-470

Alinco DJ-560
Icom W32A
Kenwood TH-D7A(G)
Alinco DJ-G5T/TY/TH
ADI AT600 (Note:  Requires Freq. Expansion Mod for 430-440)

>Half Duplex Handhelds (can transmit on one band and listen on another but 
>not at the same time)
>   This category can operate AO27 but you cannot hear your signal coming
>ex. Yaesu VX-5R
>Non-Duplex Handhelds (operate on multiple bands but only one band at a
>   This category cannot work AO27.
>ex. Icom T81
>Thanks for your input.
>Please do not post your responses to the list.  Please email directly to 
>me - n5em@amsat.org and I will summarize and make that available when the 
>survey is complete.
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