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Re: Television coverage of Phase 3D launch.

In a message dated 8/8/00 10:53:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, john@newnorth.ca 

<< Who can think up some good reasons for NASA as to why they should carry 
the launch feed on NASA-TV?
 John - VE8EV >>

Well, that would be nice but unfortunately I don't think it can happen that 
way.   But
again, bottom line, what we need are the settings for TVRO downlink of ESA's
Ariane launch coverage.  So, if anyone knows the details, please pass it on to
us here on the BB in time for launch coverage of Phase 3D. Hopefully that way 
those interested can set up their own downlink arrangements.  Or, as I do, 
pass these
details on to the local cable system for airing within the community.
73, Steve
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