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Television coverage of Phase 3D launch.

Here in Winston-Salem I frequently provide the heads up to our local 
educational/public bulletin board channel with upcoming events that
air on NASA TV.  Most of the time it is possible for them to swing
their antenna to the bird and fit coverage of such events into their
program schedule.  I would encourage those of you that are interested
and have such a public resource to pursue the same.
Now, with that in mind, what we all need next are the particulars on the 
TVRO c band bird that I believe carries Ariane launch activities.  Someone
is bound to know where to point and how to set things up for the TVRO 
downlink of launch coverage from ESA of Phase 3D.  If we can get this 
information now, we can start planning with our cable companies, like I
often do, to get live coverage of this event.  I've been digging for a while 
but have had no luck.
So, if you happen to have this info handy, please pass it on here and 
maybe most of us can arrange to see our new bird's launch.
Thanks and 73,
Steve - K5PK
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