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Re: Yaesu VX-5R / ADI AT-600

Hi Jeff, 
   I've used the ADI AT-600 on UO-14.  The radio goes right into the 
satellite sub-band without mods. It seems to work well but the rubber 
duck antenna it comes with isn't much good at receiving the satellite 
by itself. I found I had to play with it over a ground plane to even 
hear the satellite. 
   As far as operating on the sat it's a little incovenient to have 
to keep pushing the band button to switch back and forth between 2 
meter for xmit and 430 for receive. You have to switch to 430 to 
adjust for doppler and switch back to 2 meter to transmit. It's easy 
to end up transmitting on the 430 downlink. Other radios like the 
Icom W32 that has different knobs so you can tune the 430 and still 
be transmitting on 2 meter would be nice but I don't know what you'd 
have to do to open up the W32. 
   The ADI hears just fine with a small Yagi on it though. I through 
together a dual band beam and it worked just fine. Ofcourse I had 10 
elements on 430 and 4 on 2M. (I never did get the 2 meter adjusted 
like it should have been but it worked.)  The 430 part was half of an
old cushcraft 430-20t and the 2 meter was the back 4 elements of a 
145-20t but the spacing was to wide by a couple of inches. Every 3rd 
mounting hole for the 430 antenna)
    Later, Mike 
Mike Nason
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