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ISS coverage

There recently was a question posted on the reflecters about can we
transmit International Space Station coverage that is transmitted on

The concensus was that we COULDN'T because it was not specificlly
related to Space Shuttle activities. But there was a reply that it would
be within the 'SPIRIT' of the Part 97 rules.

Also, there was a comment that the ARRL was looking into getting this
changed in the rules for future missions. Does anyone know what we as a
group, ATVers and Satellite users, could do to help in this process and
how to go about doing it?

On another subject but related, from what I have heard from others in
the past, the ARRL suggests that any shuttle missions that are to be
rebroadcast be only amateur radio related. Is this true?

James KD4DLA
SouthEast Michigan AMSAT Net control
Local Area Coordinator - AMSAT - Michigan
ASS'T EC - Digital/Video - Wayne County Amateur Radio Public Service
Member : Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT)
	 Amateur Television of North America (ATNA)
	 American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
	 Packet Technical Interest Group of Wayne County (PTIG)
	 Remote Imaging Group of Great Britian (RIG)
	 Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)

P.S. - If this does not come across the tallahassee ATV reflector, would
someone repost it there for me? I seem to have troubles getting messages
to go through there. Thanks!!
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