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Re: mounting crossed yagis

At 09:20 PM 8/6/2000 -0500, Jon Ogden wrote:
>However, if you use a metal mast (likely),  a metal crossboom (possible, 
>but not recommended), or you have any other vertical or horizontal metal 
>nearby, potential problems could occur when mounting them in the + 
>configuration.  Mounting in the X configuration helps to ensure that you 
>are decoupled from any other nearby metal objects.

I don't believe this.

I believe that the metal crossboom screws up the polarization whether or 
not the crossed yagis are mounted in the + or X configuration.  Rotation by 
45 degrees doesn't fix the boom problem.

I've never seen any measurements or theory that would indicate that X has 
less coupling than +.

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