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mounting crossed yagis

Message text written by James Farley
Hi all,

I have built a pair of homebrew Yagi's to get onto the sats.  I was
planning to mount them in the "+" configuration (one beam horizontal, one
beam vertical) but recently saw an installation where the guy had put them
in an "X" configuration.

I originally put my antennas in the + mounting.

Then later I changed it to the X configuration.

The reason why was that if the antennas are true circular polarization then
it should not matter.

I did it because while elevating the antennas sometimes the coax cable
would catch on the last element.

Then when I would elevate or level the antennas the cable would pull out of
the connectors.

With the X configuration the cable just slides down the element and the
cable has never been anymore problems.

I did this about 15 years ago.

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