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RE: D7E(G) and KISS mode

De:     	kb2wqm@juno.com[SMTP:kb2wqm@juno.com]
Enviado: 	viernes 4 de agosto de 2000 13:54
Para:   	amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Asunto:     	[amsat-bb] D7E(G) and KISS mode

I know this has probably been gone over, but what are the differences
between the European and the American version's?  I called HRO, they
don't have any D7EG's in stock. Pedro, EB4DKA sent his TH-D7E out to get
the G mod done. He will let us know if KISS indeed does work in that
version, by using it with WiSP, on the Pacsat's. 

73 Jeff kb2wqm

I have two TH-D7, the TH-D7A(g) (I purchased it in a recent trip to USA) and the D7E version 2 (this rig has not the features of the "G" model, but works KISS). I think that there is not "G" upgrade for the "E" version.
73 de Pedro, EB4DKA
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