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2 meter uplink interference on 70 cm downlink


When I am using FO20 or FO29 in JA mode I cannot copy myself on the 70 cm
downlink because of havy interference. When using CW I can copy my signal,
so I know that I have downlink signal. For SSB I can not copy my downlink
signal. Looking at some documents about amateur satellite they are talking
about a mode J filter.

But what is the best way? Making a filter for my 70 cm pre amp or making a
filter for my 2 meter up-link?

Or is my uplink signal too much for my first stage of my 70 cm receiver? Or
is a 3rd harmonic of my 2 mtr spoiling my 70 cm receiver?

Is a part of a duplexer a good way to filter and has some one an easy to
build filter for qrp power (like something which can be put in serie with
the arrow antenna)?




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