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Re: uo-36 tnc's

Jeez, I now have a DSP-2232, Kantronics 9612, PacComm Sat modem set. 
several  multi mode 1200/300 baud TNC's, plus a D700, and a D7AG.  I was
trying to utilize existing equiptment ! But , your point was well made,
it is possibly time to make the jump. I will first look into Moding the
PacComms, I think that was  mentioned as being doable for 38k4, as I have
the faster cpu already installed.
I looked into the IFD and the 847 last November see attached message. The
mod wasn't worked out for the 847 yet. As I was traveling alot for work,
I didn't have a whole lot of  extra time to be the beta site for the IFD
mod for the 847. So I passed on that one! Thanks to whoever took that on.

  by the way I now use the DSP2232 on one serial port, I use diode's to
isolate at my 847. If anyone wants to set this up I will send them a
schematic, of my setup. I software control between 1200 and 9600, with
WiSP, Station etc, utilizing my WQM mod to the KCT card, to control the
frequencies, and az/el.
73 Jeff kb2wqm

>-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Jeff/kb2wqm <kb2wqm@cyberenet.net>
An: ulfkumm@symek.com <ulfkumm@symek.com>
Datum: Freitag, 5. November 1999 01:54
Betreff: 847 38.4

> Has anyone got the IFD to work with the Yaesu 847?

Not yet. We have tried with 
FT 736
IC 821
TS 790
TM-V7E (10.7 MHz FM)
in general, the IFD can be used with any transceiver. We need to know:
the exact 1st IF frequency (10.7 or 43.xx or 40.xx etc. MHz) and
the impedance of the 1st xtal filter input (e.g. 50 Ohm or 400 Ohm)
Without a specific installation manual, it needs some experience to
built the IFD in a transceiver. 
Could you tell us the IF frequency of your transceiver? maybe it is
the same as a type for which we have already quartzes available?
73! Ulf, DK9SJ

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