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Re: More 5400/ KR500 rotor Questions

 > >  > > Does anybody know where to buy .3125 replacement BALLS
 > >  > > for the Elevation Rotor part of the 5400 ( ie KR-500 )
 > >  > > I would like to buy these in STAINLESS STEEL in at least
 > >  > > 304 grade preferably 316...
 > >  > >
 > >  > > This way, with the poor weather-seal on these rotors, the balls
 > >  > > would not become mini-pulverizers to the pot-metal races of the housing and
 > >  > > revolving element after rusting...

Are the balls .3125 or .3150?  I ordered some 8mm balls from
www.bocabearing.com, but they screwed up the order.  Since I have to
reorder I could save some money by buying .3125 since the fractional inch
sizes are cheaper.  Then again the .0025 might not make a difference either

Does anybody have any thoughts on how to best paint the housings?  I've had
these rotators for three years, two of which were spent in the salty sea
air of Guam.  The housing are pretty corroded and I will be bead blasting
them to clean them up.  What is the best way to prep and paint the bare
aluminum housings to make them last?  I live in the desert now so hopefully
I won't be doing this again anytime soon.

Alamogordo, NM

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