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RE: 1st rigs and antenna building.

It's probably worth throwing my station setup into the ring. :)

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> From: David M. Tipton, PhD [mailto:tiptond@psi.com]
> Sent: Thursday, 3 August 2000 3:57
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] 1st rigs and antenna building.
> Having just gone through all this, let me say:  "Good Luck".. 
>  It's not 
> that bad though..

No, it's not bad at all. :)

> I didn't set out to build a monster statioin, however, I did 
> buy a few 
> pieces of gear.
> A Icom IC-290H is the transmitter I use.  I picked it up on 
> Ebay for a 
> couple hundred bucks.  I built a pair of Egg Beater antennas. 

I started with what I had.  2 HTs and some reasonable antennas.  This was
good enough for SO-35 in Mode B, and also UO-14.  One advantage of this
setup is no feedline loss! (well, there's no coax at all :) ).

Wanted a better signal, so I built the beam for 2 and 70, and that's what I
run most often.  However, for convenience, I have added the following:

Standard C58 with outboard amp, which gives 25W on 2m into a collinear.

3/4 wave whip on the car for high elevation Mode J passes.  This works well
and enables operation in inclement weather.

Portable mast for the beam, allows the beam to be used on 70cm for the base
station for some passes.

Future additions:

HF box and transverters - this is for RS-13 and the Fujis.  I have the
transverters, and the HF rig is a few days away.  I can currently work RS-13
with the Standard and a 10m handheld, but the HF rig should do a better job.

> One issue I've run into is that of receiver sensitivity.  No 
> matter how 
> hard I've tried, I still have trouble hearing the downlinks.  
> I highly 
> recommend a good preamp.  That alone can set you back a few 
> bills, but if 
> you're going to hook it to a scanner, go to 
> www.hamtronics.com.  They offer 
> a $29 unit that would probably meet your needs.
> I'm new to this as well, so just remember, I may not be the most 
> authoritative source, but if I can help, let me know.

Going portsble with a beam solves this problem, and the 3/4 wave is useful
at high elevations too.
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