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Re: Cushcraft A270-10S & A270-6S / P3D Dream

I was not very clear.  If you go to the amsat ftp site (ftp.amsat.org) click
or type through the following path:


Here you will find a copy of Ed's presentation in Power Point and several
other formats.  It is a very good read, and might be good to present at your
local club meeting as well!  Ed's callsign at the time of the presentation
was ka9lnv.  In the presentation he discusses the logistics of getting all
of your P3D antennas on one mount.  Ed was also a driving force (one of
several) behind Amsat's "Mode S: The Book".

I have never met Ed personally, but I have corresponded with him via email
and snail mail.  My first UHF signal came from his transverter design that
appeared in QST years ago.  When I had a problem with the tranverter(I made
a mistake), he took the time to respond to me through snail mail and help me
get on the air.  I will always be grateful!!

I'm sure we will be hearing more from Ed and the realm of higher frequencies
once  P3D is up.


> Joe,
> I took a look at the Amsat FTP site, and could find no reference to K9EK's
> antenna.
> Can you point me in the right direction, please?
> Tnx,
> Howard

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