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Cushcraft A270-10S & A270-6S / P3D Dream

I got some interesting responces about the antennas.  They ranged from "it
would never work" to "I've been using it on the birds for years".  I really
liked the idea of A270-10S which has 5 elements on UHF and 5 elements on
VHF.  It weighs less than 2 lbs and can lay flat after being fully
assembled.  It sounds like a great Field Day antenna.

 This seems to be the solution to getting all of the P3D antennas (except
HF) on the 7 foot boom.  If you haven't seen K9EK's presentation on the
subject (all the antennas on one boom) it is worth a download from the Amsat
FTP site.  I would be VERY interested in exchanging ideas/plans people have
for equiping their station for the the additional bands we are going to

Thanks and 73,
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