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Re: YAESU FT-736R --> Phase 3D?

on 8/1/00 7:44 PM, David Newman at DNewman@olg.com wrote:

> Can you experienced OSCAR users give me advice on Yaesu FT-736R?
> I am looking for transceiver for use with phase 3D satellite.  Is this
> best for the job?  Or are other systems better, such as Yaesu FT-847, or
> ICOM or KENWOOD rigs?

It all depends.

Right now there is no current Kenwood rig.  One is in development, but who
knows when it will be released.

The Icom IC-821 is a good radio, but it is out of production now.  We expect
a new Icom soon.  The advantage is that it has completely separate receivers
(listen to both at same time).  The disadvantage is you only get 2m and 432.

The FT-736R is the old work horse.  Plenty good for P3D.  It is the most
flexible as you can add all sorts of modules and upgrades to it.  Prices are
getting very reasonable on used ones now.  But it's an older rig (> 10 years
old) and I hear that the receivers in the newer rigs are much, much better.

The FT-847 is a truly excellent radio.  Not as flexible as the 736 and it
doesn't have true dual receive like the 821.  But it has HF, 6m, 2m and
70cm.  It also has AF DSP, built-in keyer, fairly small size, etc.  I have
one and love it.  If you can afford the $1400 or so for the radio, it's the
best value in ham radio today as far as I am concerned.  I thought I wanted
a 736, but once I saw the 847, I was hooked.  Now, depending on the features
of Kenwood's new rig when it comes out, my 847 may go on the auction block!
But who knows.  For right now, I love it and it is terrific.

You can't really go wrong no matter what you do.  For working AO-10 you may
need to get some external amplifiers and also preamps.  You likely won't
need either on P3D, but preamps will certainly help.

Good luck es 73,


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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