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RE: P3D Dreaming

> Good point Jeff.  I was using 300 deg noise temp for an omni. 
>  In a high
> noise RF environment with computers all around you, I guess 
> it could go
> to the 1200 deg figure he used..  None of my comments should 
> be taken as
> anti-Sband. I am ALL FOR IT.  I was just clarifying the 
> receive apature
> and link budget sentence in the original post.

I can see that in an urban environment that the noise figure for an omni
could easily go way above the 300K mark, when you add computers, powerlines
and other sundry garbage.

Fortunately, I'm in a quiet area RF wise, despite being in the middle of
suburbia (I consistently get lower noise floors on 2m SSB than most other
stations around town).  I just have to maintain an adequate distance from
the shack, which is RF noisy (a few PCs are to blame there :) ).

And 70cm is dead quiet, except for those (*&^*^%*^%$ birdies from the cable
TV systems on 436.250!
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