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RE: P3D Dreaming

> A 19" whip won't work for a high earth orbit satellite.  When 
> the bird is at
> 26,000 miles out, an omni-directional whip just won't cut it. 
>  It's a lot
> different than when the bird is at 300 miles!

The inverse square law tends to bite deeply here.  :-(  Definately gain
antenna territory here.  I may have to ressurect my old 2m beam for P3D.
Either that, or I will see if it's possible to build a lighweight dual band
system for portable operations. :)
> And yes, I'd rather have the gain and put up with the 
> tracking.  I've tried
> the whip in the car bit and it just doesn't work as good.

If the antenna can be smaller, which appears to be the case, the 13cm
solution may suit me as well.  I'm hoping to find a cheap downconverter in
the not too distant future.
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