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Re: P3D Dreaming

> And in that case, for the same EIRP, would you rather have a 19" 2 meter
> grounplane whip antenna (no tracking required) or a 13 dB gain antenna
> for 2.4 GHz that you have to track in AZ and EL across the sky and also
> then have a computer to do the work.  Yes, they are the same phyusical
> "size" but you pay for it by having to put up wtih greater directivity at
> the higher frequency...


A 19" whip won't work for a high earth orbit satellite.  When the bird is at
26,000 miles out, an omni-directional whip just won't cut it.  It's a lot
different than when the bird is at 300 miles!

I am afraid for P3D, you'll have to give up your concept of a whip on the
car to work the satellite.

And yes, I'd rather have the gain and put up with the tracking.  I've tried
the whip in the car bit and it just doesn't work as good.



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