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FT-736 vs TS-790

I'm thinking of purchasing either an FT-736 or a TS-790 primarily for 23cm

Of course there's pros and cons to both these radios, but I'm primarily
interested in using the unit for satellite operation as a TX for mode LS for
the upcoming P3D. I do have other potential uses, most notably FM ATV on

My primary concern with the FT-736 is the bad 70cm receiver noted in the QST
review. Was this just a 'bad batch' radio that the ARRL purchased, or is it
really that bad?

With the TS-790, having the radio beep or mute on frequency change would be
a bit annoying, especially for digital modes, although I've noticed a mod
for this.

For ATV, I think the FT736 only supports AM rather than FM as used in
Europe. Is this correct?

Continuing on the ATV thread, I would guess that I could use any 287MHz
source, or is the bandwidth of the IF interface restricted?

Any comments welcome...

73, Howard G6LVB

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