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Problems with Station Program

To all-

I am having some trouble with the Station Program.  I was wondering if
anyone can assist?

I have been trying to use the Station Program with an Icom IC-970H

I tried to set up a Full-Duplex Console Mode for UO-14.  I have coded
the uplink and downlink frequencies as follows:

Uplink:        145.975 - 145.975 MHz
Downlink:      435.07  - 435.07  MHz

Unfortunately, the frequencies which are displayed by the Station
Program and transmitted to the radio are incorrect.  The frequencies
appear to be off by 1 MHz on the 2-meter uplink, and are off by 3 MHz
on the 70 cm downlink.

The Doppler corrections displayed by the Station Program appear to be
correct.  They typically will show a 1 KHz correction at 2 meters, and
a 3 KHz correction at 70 cm.

I tried setting up a Beacon mode on the downlink frequency (435.07
MHz).  In this situation, the display and the frequency transmitted
to the radio by the Station Program are correct.

I have been able to get proper full-duplex operation with an Icom
IC-970H transceiver using Wisp32 and the WispDDE add-on.

My version information is as follows:

      Station Version 1.01 BETA 20
      Gerald W. Murray, WA2IWW
      Serial Number: 19425-70944-D

1.   Can you provide any assistance and/or information on this problem?

2.   Is 1.01 BETA 20 the most current version>

3.   Martha advises me that VP9MU's employer has discontinued support
      of the AMSAT-BDA Web Site (www.amsat.bm).  Does anyone have any
      new information on this?

Gerald W. Murray, WA2IWW

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