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Re: UO36/S-Band?

On 1 Aug 2000, at 10:28, Peter Guelzow wrote:

 > Chris Jackson wrote:
 > > The audience was of course very impressed with the strong signal.
 > Freddy's S-Band Downlink Demo was a real "eye-opener" for all.
 > It gave a pretty good idea what we can expect to see on P3-D
 > and Freddy said that the dish antenna he demonstrated was already
 > "overkill"..  Many people understood why P3-D will be the "Easy-Sat"..
 > For those who go to the VHF/UHF meeting in Weinheim/Germany,
 > if the P3-D launch schedule permits, Freddy plans to have a 
 > lecture about the same as in Surrey and he also plans to give
 > a live demo on S-band (Hopefully Chris will turn the S-Band 
 > downlink on again ;).
 > 73s Peter
 > BTW: The AMSAT-UK Colloquium was great and very enjoyable.  Many
 > thanks to all the Organizers of AMSAT-UK who did again a superb
 > job. With P3-D hopefully launched soon, we all are looking forward
 > for a big AMSAT-UK colloquium with lot's of live demos next year..
from ON6UG :

A live demo of UO-36 downlink on 2.4 GHz may be given in 
Mannheim ( near Weinheim ) during the VHF-UHF-SHF Tagung on 
September 9-10. Suitable orbits are on Saterday aprox 1550 and 
1730 local time.  As this is with a 1m dish and multibandfeed 
signals are strong.  ( subject to availability of UO-36 ! )
The demo is to be held just outside the lecture rooms area.

73 Freddy ON6UG

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